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2yr. Anniversary Party @TheFredBar

Subject: beer-talk: 2yr. Anniversary Party @TheFredBar

Greetings peeps.
      The Fred Bar will be opening early at 3pm on Saturday to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. Come help us celebrate with some Founders C.B.S. on draught, and a firkin of Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout. Various other liquid goodies will be available as well, but we can't show all of our hand just yet. See you there!
Jason Huey
Bar Manager/The Fred via: beer-talk

2nd Anniversary Party
The Fred is turning "Terrible Two" and we have some kegs to quiet this screaming toddler...Founders CBS, Dieu du Ciel Diablo, Mikkeller Black Hole Bourbon-Aged, Hebrew Reunion, Hebrew Genesis 15:15.....just to name a few. Doors open at 3pm!!!

Your Black Heart in Bottles

Our friends at O'Dempsey's are trying to have some Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout rushed to town for sampling at The 2011 Decatur Craft Beer Festival. There is a low probability that any of this brew will make it into distribution in Atlanta by the end of this week, but remind your local beer store to stock Your Black Heart.

Look for:
4pack 12oz bottles

1/6bbl kegs (available after next brewing of YBH)
1/2bbl kegs (depending on demand)


O'Dempsey's has a New Beer & a New Look

It has been announced on the O'Dempsey's website for about a year. Later this month, look for O'Dempsey's "Your Black Heart" Russian Imperial Stout on the shelves at your favorite craft beer retailer. The newest labels for all three "O'Dempsey's • Beer To Die For" are below. 
Celtic brewers used caramel malts and roasted barley to impart a deep red color and rich malty flavor to their ales. Because craft beer is alive and our Big Red Ale weighs in at the top end of the style guidelines, we chose a Sequoia Red Wood, the largest living thing on our planet, to be the symbol of our Big Red Ale. It's Big. It's Red.
 An Irish-Style Red Ale with a North American attitude. All the body you want with just the right amount of hoppy goodness. Enjoy.

We chose to use these balanced rocks for our label to symbolize the balanced nature of our IPA. These sculptures are known as Inukshuks and are erected to represent hope, friendship and hospitality…

Drink Local and Support Local Charities

During Atlanta Beer Week 2011 (October 8th - 16th) Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits in Atlanta is doing something totally awesome for the community! Each time you purchase a local Brew from Tower Buckhead or Tower Doraville, they will donate a dollar to charity and each Brewery will match every dollar! Please be sure to stock up at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits during Atlanta Beer Week 2011 while you Drink Local and Support Local Charities. CHEERS! Breweries & Charities SweetWater Brewing Co. - Camp Twin LakesRed Brick Brewing - Bert’s Big AdventureTerrapin Beer Co. - Myeloma Bone Cancer researchWild Heaven Craft Beers - Innocence AtlantaJailhouse Brewery - The Atlanta Junior LeagueO’Dempsey’s Beer to Die For - Books for Keeps
via Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits Events page

Dr.Dank's Ghoulash at SweetWater

I was alerted late last week that the next SweetWater Dank Tank release "Ghoulash" would be done fermenting by Saturday. After a bite at Johnny's Pizza (Cheshire Bridge), I stopped by the brewery for a taste.
2x dry hopped... 2x dark....Oh yeah!

Expected packaging:
22oz bottles
limited ½bbl kegs

Wild Heaven unveils "Eschaton" Quad

Wild Heaven Eschaton (Belgian-style Quadrupel) will be an all malt brew (no candi sugar added to boost alcohol level) aged with Pinot Noir soaked oak chips.
After Invocation and Ode To Mercy, this will be the third full scale brew. [We are not counting the limited Special Winter Ale (a bourbon-oak aged Ode To Mercy).]

Wild Heaven blog
What does a reference to the end of time have to do with beer?Take what we know about both Eric & Nick's interest in music, and I conclude that it is a nod to the British metal album of the same name. BEERgeekATL (ERIC)

Red Hare Brewing now open to us all

Last night, with minimal fanfare the Red Hare Brewing Company opened their doors to the public. Located off Delk Road in Marietta, fans of fresh local beer now have a new destination.

Tours & Tasting:
Fridays 5:30 to 7:30pm
Saturdays 3:30 to 5:30pm
Souvenir tasting glass $8
Beers available:

Gangway IPALong Day LagerWatership Brownan experimental brew
1998 Delk Industrial Blvd
Marietta, GA 30067
(near the Delk Rd Cracker Barrel)


Ownership of Beer Brands and Varieties 2010

Had to share this interactive chart.

view chart in larger window

via Philip H. Howard

What beer events are tonight in & around Atlanta?

Since Wednesday evening, I've been disturbed by the lack of a hub for information about nightly beer happenings in Greater Metro Atlanta.

Wednesday night was the weekly "Wild Card Wednesday" at Red Brick Brewery. This week, they tapped an experimental firkin of Brown presented by HOTOBERFEST. As a beer geek, I was excited when HOTOBERFEST shared about the cask early Wednesday (typically, we don't know what the Wild Card is until we get to the brewery at 5pm). I shared the sneak peek immediately on twitter, so that my followers could make their evenings plans accordingly.
The turnout was decent. Some locals, and a few of the Atlanta Beer fanatics stopped by for the tasting.
I received a some messages Thursday expressing frustration, because my buddies had missed the event. [In the same way, I frequently hear about a tasting or open gathering "after the fact".]

I've found a few online calendars that list Atlanta beer happenings. Unfortunately, most a…

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