What beer events are tonight in & around Atlanta?

Since Wednesday evening, I've been disturbed by the lack of a hub for information about nightly beer happenings in Greater Metro Atlanta.

Wednesday night was the weekly "Wild Card Wednesday" at Red Brick Brewery. This week, they tapped an experimental firkin of Brown presented by HOTOBERFEST. As a beer geek, I was excited when HOTOBERFEST shared about the cask early Wednesday (typically, we don't know what the Wild Card is until we get to the brewery at 5pm). I shared the sneak peek immediately on twitter, so that my followers could make their evenings plans accordingly.
The turnout was decent. Some locals, and a few of the Atlanta Beer fanatics stopped by for the tasting.
I received a some messages Thursday expressing frustration, because my buddies had missed the event. [In the same way, I frequently hear about a tasting or open gathering "after the fact".]

I've found a few online calendars that list Atlanta beer happenings. Unfortunately, most are associated with private clubs or only post major festivals. I am certain, if the general populous were made aware of daily interesting beer events, the events would have higher attendance.

I just had to vent.