Your Black Heart in Bottles

Our friends at O'Dempsey's are trying to have some Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout rushed to town for sampling at The 2011 Decatur Craft Beer Festival. There is a low probability that any of this brew will make it into distribution in Atlanta by the end of this week, but remind your local beer store to stock Your Black Heart.

Look for:
4pack 12oz bottles

1/6bbl kegs (available after next brewing of YBH)
1/2bbl kegs (depending on demand)



O'Dempsey's has a New Beer & a New Look

It has been announced on the O'Dempsey's website for about a year. Later this month, look for O'Dempsey's "Your Black Heart" Russian Imperial Stout on the shelves at your favorite craft beer retailer.
The newest labels for all three "O'Dempsey's • Beer To Die For" are below. 

O'Dempsey's Big Red Ale
Celtic brewers used caramel malts and roasted barley to impart a deep red color and rich malty flavor to their ales. Because craft beer is alive and our Big Red Ale weighs in at the top end of the style guidelines, we chose a Sequoia Red Wood, the largest living thing on our planet, to be the symbol of our Big Red Ale. It's Big. It's Red.
 An Irish-Style Red Ale with a North American attitude. All the body you want with just the right amount of hoppy goodness. Enjoy.

O'Dempsey's Inukshuk IPA
We chose to use these balanced rocks for our label to symbolize the balanced nature of our IPA. These sculptures are known as Inukshuks and are erected to represent hope, friendship and hospitality. While we want to symbolize how balanced our IPA is, we also really like that Inushuks symbolize hope, friendship and hospitality as well. Why not have an Inukshuk represent both concepts?
 O'Dempsey's Inukshuk IPA combines a bitter hop bite and citrus notes with a malty backbone to achieve a balancing act for your senses. Enjoy.

O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout
Originally brewed for Russian Royalty in the early 18th century, this style was born of necessity. The porter which was originally ordered spoiled en route. In order for the beer to survive the trip from England to the courts of Russia, the hops and alcohol were dramatically increased.
 O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout combines a silky mouth feel with a balance between sweet malts and bitter hops that pairs well with strong cheeses, dark chocolates and fine cigars. Truly a luxury befitting even your Royal Highnesss. Enjoy.

Also look for "Community Service" a Wee Heavy Scotch-Style Ale from JailHouse Brewing in collaboration with O'Dempsey's. In bottles now and expected to be released during Atlanta Beer Week 2011 (10/8-10/16).