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Georgia Brews in (478) and (912)

We are familiar with all the brews originating from the Greater Atlanta Area, and the breweries under construction in (404) (770) (678) (470) areas. How much do you know about what is brewing in Macon or Savannah?

Macon, Georgia (478)

  If all goes smoothly, look for cans from Macon Beer Company by Spring 2013. Cory and Jeremy have selected a building at 345 Oglethorpe Street in downtown Macon (not far from Macon Coliseum).
... focused on innovation, sustainability, philanthropy, and developing a strong connection to our employees and community. We expect to maximize profitability without sacrificing quality, purity, or attention to detail through the use of engineering principles that improve value and efficiency beyond industry standards. We will strive to become a source of knowledge held in high regard by the craft beer industry.
Savannah, Georgia (912)

Presently, Savannah is home to two brewers.

  Since 1999, Moon River Brewing Company has been serving fresh delicious brews to their …

2012 Smoked Vanilla Gorilla from Red Brick Brewing - Brick Mason Series

Last Friday, Red Brick Brewing did a small preview sampling of the next Brick Mason release Smoked Vanilla Gorilla. This is the first Brick Mason brew from Red Brick Brewing Co. Head Brewer, Garett Lockhart. Before heading to the brewhouse, Garett listened to long-time Red Brick fans about what they enjoyed most in previous Vanilla Gorilla incarnations. Fans of big rich American-Style Porters will appreciate this silky, robust malty brew.

Vanilla Gorilla is a Strong Porter with big chocolate and roasted flavors. It has a delicate addition of vanilla that compliments its subtle smokey finish.

2-Row, Chocolate, Wheat, Midnight Wheat, Roasted, Oats, and Peated Malt
Apollo, and Glacier hops Organic Bourbon vanilla beans from Uganda
8 % ABV

4-pack 12 ounce bottles 1/6 barrel kegs


Danktoberfest from SweetWater Brewing

There has not been a new Dank Tank brew from SwetWater since they produced "420 India Pale Ale" earlier this year.

Over a month ago, SweetWater Brewing taunted us with this tweet:
Ich bin ein lager! This fall Dank Tank returns w Danktoberfest, a high grav Oktoberfest sure to straighten ur schnitzel…— @sweetwaterbrew August 23, 2012
Eager to learn as much as possible about the malts and yeast used (and when samples would be available), I would visit the brewery whenever I was in the area. Coincidentally, I happened to be at SweetWater the day the Danktoberfest bottles were delivered.
Danktoberfest bottles arrived (the brew isn't ready yet) (@ SweetWater Brewing Company) [pic]:— @BEERgeekATL September 7, 2012 Four days later, @bravesandbeer taunted us with his picture of the SweetWater Danktoberfest bottle in The Reel Room.

This morning a small group was invited to SweetWater Brewing to sample the new Dank Tank, and watch as the 22 …

First Retail pouring of Burnt Hickory Brewing - Moondog Growlers in Marietta

This Thursday at Moondog Growlers in Marietta, Georgia, The Burnt Hickory Brewery will make its first retail appearance. Previously, Burnt Hickory brews have been only available for consumption in bars. This will be your opportunity to buy Burnt Hickory beers to enjoy in your home.

Scott Hedeen (Brewmaster) will be available to talk beer from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

The three BHB Brews expected on tap are:
Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout -$

White Flag Third Strike Wit

Cannon Dragger India Pale Ale

UPDATE (7/25)
Moondog Growlers is only filling 32 ounce growlers with these beers.Only one 1/6bbl of each Burnt Hickory beer will be delivered to the Marietta Moondog location.Moondog Growlers will fill your 32oz bottle from any other shop.The 3 Burnt Hickory brews will not begin pouring until 6:00 PM.All three brews will be $15.99/32oz

Moondog Growlers(Marietta)
craft - draft - to go
688 Whitlock Ave
Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 354-6268

Burnt Hickory Brewing
Atlanta’s Smallest Brewery with the biggest beers!

Frozen Pints: Ice Cold Craft Beer Ice Cream

Frozen Pints contain real craft beer that is blended with handmade ice cream. Through what must be some fun tasting sessions in the name of Research and Development, an ice cream that compliments each brews complex flavor profile is created. Because the ice cream contains beer, it contains alcohol. Don't begin looking for Frozen Pints at your local grocery store.
Frozen Pints has been introducing their craft beer ice cream at local beer festivals for the past year. Beginning July 1st, their freezers filled with goodness have been placed in many of Atlanta's finest beer and wine stores.

I was able to taste five flavors of creamy elixir at the Tasting Room at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits in Doraville.

The flight of flavors I sampled was Peach Lambic, Vanilla Bock, Brown Ale Chip, Malted Milk Chocolate Stout, and Honey IPA. These are the year-round flavors of Frozen Pints. Each was joy to this Beer Geek's senses, just like a perfect beer and food pairing. Seasonal varieties…

May: Local Craft Beer News Roundup (via Twitter)

Enjoy some highlights of what the local brewers are up to, from the perspective of a Twitter junkie.

Monday Night- adds to his Beanie Baby collection
People still buy these?!
— Jonathan Baker (@MondayNight) May 1, 2012Red Hare- experiences beer in San Diego
Enjohing some money beers from @ironfistbrewing. Really like the Hired Hand Saison...hint hint....
— Red Hare Brewing (@RedHareBrewing) May 1, 2012Terrapin- Spike packs for a trip to #CBC & New Zealand
RT @spikeatterrapin: Need to pack for San Diego and New Zealand today! @TerrapinBeerCo#kiwispike
— Terrapin Beer Co.(@TerrapinBeerCo) May 1, 2012Terrapin- encourages us to plan ahead
Save the Dates! Annual #Brewau on Aug. 18, and the #HopHarvest Festival on Oct. 6! Start planning your trips to #AthensGa!
— Terrapin Beer Co.(@TerrapinBeerCo) May 1, 2012Burnt Hickory- article in AJC Access Atlanta
BEER + ROCK + History = @BHB_brews (via @access_atlanta)
— BEERgeekATL (ERIC) (@BEERgeekATL) May 2, 2012SweetWa…

Drink Hoppy Brews As Fresh As Possible

Two local Vloggers sampled JailHouse Brewing Hop Riot Imperial Pale Ale. All That Ales posted his tasting within the first week of the beers release. Drink Lika Fish just posted their video today.

All That Ales sampling Hop Riot posted 01/30/2012
Drink Lika Fish sampling Hop Riot posted 04/13/2012
About three months have passed since the release of Hop Riot. Did you recognize what time has done to this brew?
Reduced the hop aromas.Brought the malt flavors forward.Left a comparatively light hop finish. What can a Hophead take away from these videos? DRINK HOPPY BEERS AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE.
To further illustrate this point:
 This past Tuesday, Cigar City Brewing posted a picture of a QA sampling of 4 months of Jai Alai. Their conclusion, "IPA's are meant to be drank fresh!" Justin Stine (CCB QA guy) added: We recommend most of our 12 oz products be consumed within 90 days. However, the IPA due to the volatile nature of the various hop oils & compounds will start to lose charac…

The Burnt Hickory Brewery: brewing at last

Just an average Wednesday morning, until I get this message:

How do I NOT share such great news? ...I stop in for a visit on the BHB's first brew day as a Georgia production brewery.

Their first brew is a variation of Cannon Dragger.
Do not expect to see this brew outside the brewery. They are planing for it to all stay at the brewery to be served at tours. The first brew for production will be Big Shanty.
All of the ingredients (except the yeast) are at the brewery, and is to be brewed this weekend.

Scott eventually announced his news on The Burnt Hickory Brewing facebook page, and the good word spread almost instantaneously.

While it will be about a month before BHB will be open for any regular tours, arrangements can be made to visit to purchase swag. Contact Burnt Hickory Brewery via Twitter (@BHB_brews) or Facebook (The Burnt Hickory Brewery).


Morning Wood - you're doing it wrong

If you are going to make a beer and call it Morning Wood, make sure the name fits the brew. At the very least, a Morning Wood beer should be brewed with coffee, and aged on or with wood. Why?

In the morning, many of us require Java to start the day.If the name of the concoction includes the word wood, it should have been aged in barrels (or aged with wood).

Frequently, the brewers just want to use the fun and catchy name on their beer. This is how it is done wrong:

Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop (AK) - Morning Wood IPA: no coffee and no woodCool Springs Brewery (TN) - MorningWood Red Ale: no coffee and no woodMoonshine (IL) - Morning Wood (Mild Ale):  no coffee and no woodPug Ryan's Brewery (CO) - Morning Wood Wheat: no coffee and no woodSeabright Brewery (CA) - Morningwood E.S.B.: no coffee and no woodMorning Wood Beer - the Wood family and friends (home brewers): no update about a brew with coffee and wood

Occasionally, either coffee or wood is with the beer. These brewers are getti…