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Valentine's Day Beer: Be Honest

I am weary of the standard recommendations of a framboise lambic for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. I have noticed, brews with romantic names get a large share of attention too. [I challenge you to locate a bottle of Adoration on February 14th] Why aren’t you truthful? Your significant other probably is not as crazy about beer as you are. You are hoping that the consumption of your “thoughtful gift” will result in a uninhibited physical expression of your love.
This year, if you must buy beer for your one-and-only, be honest about your expectations for the evening.
Have you already administered an Aphrodisiaque (aka: Panty Peeler)? Alright you Horny Devil, to ensure a Happy Ending, Bitch Please begin with some Four Play. I know you are looking forward to something involving Lips of Faith and Böner. If all goes well, you will get A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. If you are a Lucky Bastard, you can look forward to A Little Supmin’ Wild like Doggie Style …or a Threesome!
Are you single and h…