Valentine's Day Beer: Be Honest
I am weary of the standard recommendations of a framboise lambic for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. I have noticed, brews with romantic names get a large share of attention too. [I challenge you to locate a bottle of Adoration on February 14th]
Why aren’t you truthful? Your significant other probably is not as crazy about beer as you are. You are hoping that the consumption of your “thoughtful gift” will result in a uninhibited physical expression of your love.
This year, if you must buy beer for your one-and-only, be honest about your expectations for the evening.

Have you already administered an Aphrodisiaque (aka: Panty Peeler)? Alright you Horny Devil, to ensure a Happy Ending, Bitch Please begin with some Four Play. I know you are looking forward to something involving Lips of Faith and Böner. If all goes well, you will get A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. If you are a Lucky Bastard, you can look forward to A Little Supmin’ Wild like Doggie Style …or a Threesome!

Are you single and have a fear of Rejection (or your Left Hand)? Don’t be an Ass Kisser, try browsing Love’s Brewing “Where beer lovers meet”.

Thanks to naïve TTB agents, Google, BeerAdvocate Forums, and my associates. Without them all this would have been only something to chuckle about at the pub and not shared with you all. Did I leave out your favorite risqué beer? Leave a comment. I will do my best to incorporate it in a future post.