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The Burnt Hickory Brewery: brewing at last

Just an average Wednesday morning, until I get this message:

How do I NOT share such great news? ...I stop in for a visit on the BHB's first brew day as a Georgia production brewery.

Their first brew is a variation of Cannon Dragger.
Do not expect to see this brew outside the brewery. They are planing for it to all stay at the brewery to be served at tours. The first brew for production will be Big Shanty.
All of the ingredients (except the yeast) are at the brewery, and is to be brewed this weekend.

Scott eventually announced his news on The Burnt Hickory Brewing facebook page, and the good word spread almost instantaneously.

While it will be about a month before BHB will be open for any regular tours, arrangements can be made to visit to purchase swag. Contact Burnt Hickory Brewery via Twitter (@BHB_brews) or Facebook (The Burnt Hickory Brewery).