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Drink Hoppy Brews As Fresh As Possible

Two local Vloggers sampled JailHouse Brewing Hop Riot Imperial Pale Ale. All That Ales posted his tasting within the first week of the beers release. Drink Lika Fish just posted their video today.

All That Ales sampling Hop Riot posted 01/30/2012
Drink Lika Fish sampling Hop Riot posted 04/13/2012
About three months have passed since the release of Hop Riot. Did you recognize what time has done to this brew?
Reduced the hop aromas.Brought the malt flavors forward.Left a comparatively light hop finish. What can a Hophead take away from these videos? DRINK HOPPY BEERS AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE.
To further illustrate this point:
 This past Tuesday, Cigar City Brewing posted a picture of a QA sampling of 4 months of Jai Alai. Their conclusion, "IPA's are meant to be drank fresh!" Justin Stine (CCB QA guy) added: We recommend most of our 12 oz products be consumed within 90 days. However, the IPA due to the volatile nature of the various hop oils & compounds will start to lose charac…