Danktoberfest from SweetWater Brewing

There has not been a new Dank Tank brew from SwetWater since they produced "420 India Pale Ale" earlier this year.

SweetWater DANK TANK bottlesSweetWater DANK TANK bottles

Over a month ago, SweetWater Brewing taunted us with this tweet:
Ich bin ein lager! This fall Dank Tank returns w Danktoberfest, a high grav Oktoberfest sure to straighten ur schnitzel twitter.com/sweetwaterbrew…— @sweetwaterbrew August 23, 2012

Eager to learn as much as possible about the malts and yeast used (and when samples would be available), I would visit the brewery whenever I was in the area.
Coincidentally, I happened to be at SweetWater the day the Danktoberfest bottles were delivered.
SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest bottles
Danktoberfest bottles arrived (the brew isn't ready yet) (@ SweetWater Brewing Company) [pic]: 4sq.com/Txjitm— @BEERgeekATL September 7, 2012
Four days later, @bravesandbeer taunted us with his picture of the SweetWater Danktoberfest bottle in The Reel Room.

SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest bottle

This morning a small group was invited to SweetWater Brewing to sample the new Dank Tank, and watch as the 22 ounce bottles were filled on the new bottling line. After snapping pics of Bottles of Danktoberfest being filled and packaged on the new line, we were ushered into the SweetWater Tasting Room to have a first tasting of "Mr. Dankenschnitzel".

empty SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest bottlesrinsing SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest bottles

full SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest bottlesboxing-up SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest

Brewed with German malts & hops, this beer earns it's Dank Tank designation. Full rich malt aromas and flavors, a gentle alcohol warmth, and an American-Style hopppiness make Danktoberfest a brew that is fit to enjoy with your friends on a cool Autumn evening. Prost!

Head Brewer Nick Nock - SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest
"Carrying on the Oktoberfest tradition, we used fine German malts and hops, while adding in our own dankness to give it a classic SweetWater spin." ~ Head Brewer Nick Nock
Useful Facts:
- Your favorite retailer should have the 22 ounce bottles on their shelves by the first week of October
- This is the first lager ever brewed by SweetWater Brewing
- Danktoberfest is the first 22 ounce bottle filled on the new Krones bottling line
- Debut of Red White & Brew caps on a Dank Tank beer

Pilsner, Munich, Cara Munich,  Aromatic & Dark malts
German Perle & Hallertau Mittelfruh hops
8.5% ABV

Limited 22oz bottles (some draught at the SweetWater Tasting Room)

SweetWater DANK TANK Danktoberfest label
Label text:
While Krones was working on SweetWater’s brewhouse, which they were 3 months behind schedule on (that part is true), one of their sour kraut engineers drove a gabelstapler overMr. Dank’s toe and broke it. Limping and angepisst, Mr. Dankenschnitzel jumped a flug to Krones HQ in Deutschland to pick up his large siedlung check. Looking to quell his T pain, Dank beelined it to Oktoberfest in München and into the arms of a friendly fraulein who quickly über serviert him. Stumbling blindly, Herr Dankenschnitzel, laden in lederhosen and longingly looking for a lovely loo, humpelte into the Bitterburger Brewery to drain the main vein. Unable to hold it any longer, DankenGuender feuer abgespritzt all over the control panel, short circuiting their infamous Oktoberfest bier. The beer no longer fit the rhinobutt purity law, so Hans and Franz kicked his arsch out of the mother land and told Danky doodle dandy to take that mischmasch back to SüßWasser with him.