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Georgia Brews in (478) and (912)

We are familiar with all the brews originating from the Greater Atlanta Area, and the breweries under construction in (404) (770) (678) (470) areas. How much do you know about what is brewing in Macon or Savannah?

Macon, Georgia (478)

  If all goes smoothly, look for cans from Macon Beer Company by Spring 2013. Cory and Jeremy have selected a building at 345 Oglethorpe Street in downtown Macon (not far from Macon Coliseum).
... focused on innovation, sustainability, philanthropy, and developing a strong connection to our employees and community. We expect to maximize profitability without sacrificing quality, purity, or attention to detail through the use of engineering principles that improve value and efficiency beyond industry standards. We will strive to become a source of knowledge held in high regard by the craft beer industry.
Savannah, Georgia (912)

Presently, Savannah is home to two brewers.

  Since 1999, Moon River Brewing Company has been serving fresh delicious brews to their …