Morning Wood - you're doing it wrong

If you are going to make a beer and call it Morning Wood, make sure the name fits the brew. At the very least, a Morning Wood beer should be brewed with coffee, and aged on or with wood. Why?

  1. In the morning, many of us require Java to start the day.
  2. If the name of the concoction includes the word wood, it should have been aged in barrels (or aged with wood).

Frequently, the brewers just want to use the fun and catchy name on their beer. This is how it is done wrong:

  • Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop (AK) - Morning Wood IPA: no coffee and no wood
  • Cool Springs Brewery (TN) - MorningWood Red Ale: no coffee and no wood
  • Moonshine (IL) - Morning Wood (Mild Ale):  no coffee and no wood
  • Pug Ryan's Brewery (CO) - Morning Wood Wheat: no coffee and no wood
  • Seabright Brewery (CA) - Morningwood E.S.B.: no coffee and no wood
  • Morning Wood Beer - the Wood family and friends (home brewers): no update about a brew with coffee and wood

Occasionally, either coffee or wood is with the beer. These brewers are getting there:

  • Big Wood Brewery (MN) - Morning Wood (Dry Stout) - big coffee taste (not aged with wood)
  • CIB Brewery (IA) - Morningwood Breakfast Stout: rich dark malt with coffee, cream, and oatmeal (not aged with wood)
  • Emmett's Brewing Company (IL) - Morning Wood (Abbey Dubbel): aged in Merlot barrels (no coffee)
  • Water Street Brewing & Alehouse (WA) - Big Phat Morning Wood: blend of brews aged in Cabernet barrels (no coffee)
  • John S. Rhodell Brewery (IL) - Cask Conditioned Morning Wood IPA: aged with wood (no coffee)

At last, a group of brewers that have combined all the elements. Coffee and wood with the brew. These brews are Morning Wood:

  • Local Option (IA) - Morning Wood: oaked coffee Amber brewed at Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse (KY)
  • Odd Side Ales (MI) - Morning Wood: Bourbon barrel aged oatmeal coffee stout
  • Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery (FL) - Morning Wood:  coffee Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels with maple
  • Evolution Craft Brewery (DE) - Morning Wood: Big oatmeal stout + coffee + bourbon barrels
Honorable mention.

A very special home brew:
... I handed out the special beer I made for my groomsmen, called “Morning Wood”.  From the blurb I wrote on the label:
Take a luxurious dark breakfast stout, made with oatmeal and chocolate, infused with three types of coffee: Sumatra, Kona, and Peruvian Dark, and you get something to wake up to.  But, take that stout and age it for several months with toasted oak to give it nice vanilla overtones, and now you have “Morning Wood”.

How many oaked, barrel-aged, Whiskey, Cabernet, Merlot, Bourbon with coffee, java, Joe, espresso, caffè delights have failed to capitalize on the fun Morning Wood moniker?...



Last Cask of Red Hare Chocolate Porter

This final cask of Chocolate Porter from Red Hare (Marietta, GA) has been mellowing with oak and hickory cubes since all five casks were originally filled (11/29/11).
To sample some, here is what you need to know...
Freight Kitchen & Tap
251 E. Main St.
Woodstock, GA 30188
5:00 pm Saturday, February 4th
(after the Public tour at Red Hare Brewery)

Freight Kitchen & Tap earned the honor of pouring this cask by being the top draft server of Red Hare beers in the area.

Chocolate Porter Cask History:
  1. tapped at Red Hare
    with mint 12/17/11
  2. tapped at Red Hare
    with oatmeal, cinnamon & raisins 12/17/11
  3. tapped at the Square Pub
    with vanilla beans 12/30/11
  4. tapped at Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting (1st Place Specialty Beer)
    with cocoa nibs & mint 1/28/12
  5. tapping at Freight Kitchen & Tap
    with oak & hickory cubes 2/4/12
filling image via @tonya_v