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Baked Beer from Happy Hour Confections

Every true Beer Geek has attempted to make a stout chocolate cake at least once. (How did that work for ya?) At a bakery in Roswell, Happy Hour Confections is going beyond just adding beer to their recipes. This culinary genius has created tempting treats that highlight the distinct flavors of the featured beer!
During my visit to the bakery, I was introduced to a few delightful treats ..

Your Black Heart Espresso Stout Brownies: All the amazing, rich flavors of O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout in both the brownie and the ganache topping.
Vanilla Porter Cupcakes: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter baked inside, filled with a touch of sea salt and Vanilla Porter caramel filling, then topped with buttercream frosting.
Lemon Hefeweizen Cupcakes: Cake and buttercream frosting, with a refreshing taste of lemon, featuring Mother Earth Sunny Haze Hefeweizen.
Honey Orange IPA Cupcakes: The zesty hop flavors of Odempsey's Inukshuk IPA paired with fresh orange and honey in …

COLD ONE from O'Dempsey's

When you are seeking a lighter brew to enjoy with friends, O'Dempsey's has new Pale Ale that truly hits the spot.

COLD ONE Pale Ale is pouring now at ten Georgia Taco Mac locations. Expect bottles to appear at your favorite package store by mid-June.

American Pale Ale
Zythos hops (a strong aromatic blend of hops with tangerine, lemon grapefruit and pine notes)
Complex malt bill
5.65% ABV
1.055 OG
29 IBUs
12 oz bottles
Kegs (in the states into which we ship kegs).

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