COLD ONE from O'Dempsey's

When you are seeking a lighter brew to enjoy with friends, O'Dempsey's has new Pale Ale that truly hits the spot.
O'Dempsey's COLD ONE preview sampling
about O'Dempsey's COLD ONE Pale Ale

COLD ONE Pale Ale is pouring now at ten Georgia Taco Mac locations. Expect bottles to appear at your favorite package store by mid-June.

O'Dempsey's COLD ONE in my glass
American Pale Ale
Zythos hops (a strong aromatic blend of hops with tangerine, lemon grapefruit and pine notes)
Complex malt bill
5.65% ABV
1.055 OG
29 IBUs
12 oz bottles
Kegs (in the states into which we ship kegs).

O'Dempsey's COLD ONE label graphics

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