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Beginning next week look for Eldorado IPA, Eventide Brewing's first seasonal offering. A Golden IPA that uses exclusively the Eldorado hop variety, Eldorado IPA will join Eventide's Kolsch Style AlePale Ale, and Dry Irish Stout for a short time as Summer winds down.

Inspiration: The inspiration behind this beer was the feel of late summer, and the cool summer we’ve had. We wanted a beer which would encapsulate all of these things and let Geoffrey experiment with a single hop variety. In this beer you’re going to find a lighter IPA with sweet fruit flavors and a pleasant bitterness, something perfect for the end of summer. It falls with in our lines of approachable beer styles, but provides an entirely new experience for our fans. The single hop styling allows you to really see just what Eldorado hops are all about. You’ll notice a heavy tropical fruit nose, mild body, and easy finish. It is an unfiltered IPA and due to the east coast ale yeast we used, it will remain cloudy when poured.
For the curious here are the stats:
Pours a hazy, dark gold color with a white head which lingers for a short time.

Tropical fruits are prevalent. Notes of Melon, bubblegum, tangerine, pineapple, mango, banana, and sugar cane have all been identified.

The flavors match the aroma with loads of tropical fruit leading the way. The flavors also become more identifiable as the beer has a chance to warm. The mouthfeel denotes medium carbonation, and the finish is first slightly sweet but transitions to a pleasant bitter finish typical of IPA's.

This IPA was engineered as a late summer beer. It is light in color, but not flavor, and unlike most summer IPA's it isn't a session beer...but definitely drinks like one. The tropical fruit notes from the Eldorado hops make this a highly approachable IPA, and it is easily enjoyed by a large majority of craft beer drinkers; especially those who normally shy away from IPA's.

SRM 5.3
IBU: 52
ABV: 6.5%

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